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This simple, easy-to-use "Workbook" is intended to provide entrepreneurs (and even existing small business owners) a sensible business planning tool set that encourages development of the critical business elements today, with the ability to continue building out the plan as time and circumstances dictate.

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Winning the Battle for Mindshare in Channel Sales

Trench WarfareIn sales today, the stiffest competition that you'll most likely face is from within your own company.

As manufacturers have solidified their distribution channels, it's not unusual to have two, three, or more Sales Managers from the same manufacturer counting on the same channel sales reps to reprsent their product lines - each vying for the sales rep's "Mindshare".

Trench Warfare covers what they don't teach in traditional sales courses - how to get those shared sales recources with other responsibilities and/or multiple product lines to spend more time developming the marke(s) for your technology.

Filled with inspirational real-life stories to which any sales professionsal can relate, Trench Warfare is written primarily for those sales people (perhaps early in their career, or just transitioning from industry) that find themselves working with established distribution channels, challenged to develop new markets for thier company's high-dollar, niche, and/or otherwise disruptive technology.

Examples are also provdied for each of The Mindshare manager forms referenced (See "DOWNLOADS") including:

  • Sales Resource Assessment Form
  • Targeted Accounts Form
  • Action Plan Form
  • Sales Opportunity Form

Trench Warfare provides the insights, strategies, and tools that will position you ahead of the real competition.

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