by: Brad Burgess

This simple, easy-to-use "Workbook" is intended to provide entrepreneurs (and even existing small business owners) a sensible business planning tool set that encourages development of the critical business elements today, with the ability to continue building out the plan as time and circumstances dictate.

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Sales Resource Assessment Form
(MS Excel XLS)

A tool designed for tracking and evaluating the time dedicated by Sales Rep.'s to their assigned responsibilities.

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Accounts Form
(MS Word DOC)

A tool for documenting and logging progress towards penetrating accounts that Sales Rep.'s are assigned to target during a designated period.

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Action Plan
(MS Word DOC)

A tool for setting Goals & Objectives for Sales Rep.'s and collaborating on the Strategies & Tactics to achieve them.

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Sales Opportunity Assessment Form
(MS Excel XLS)

A tool for documenting the current status of a Sales Oppotunity and determining the Next Steps based on what is known/ not-known about the Level of Influence shown by the Stakeholders involved in the decision-making process.

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Quarterly Business Review
(MS Powerpoint PPT)

A slide deck intended to serve as the basis of a QBR presentation by Sales Rep.'s.

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Resume Screening Check-list
(MS Word DOC)

A tool to assist in screening resumes during the hiring process.

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Sales Cycle Probability Definitions
(MS Word DOC)

A guide to assist in establishing standard definitions/ percentage (%) values for each stage in the sales cycle.

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