by: Brad Burgess

This simple, easy-to-use "Workbook" is intended to provide entrepreneurs (and even existing small business owners) a sensible business planning tool set that encourages development of the critical business elements today, with the ability to continue building out the plan as time and circumstances dictate.

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It's an all too common story – business owners get themselves so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of their companies, that they wind up feeling the business owns them, instead of the other way around.

Plans are set. Intentions are good. But then "life happens" and work becomes all about fixing problems rather than working on strategic goals and developing the business. Optimism and enthusiasm are replaced with anxiety, stress, frustration, or at best, acceptance of the status quo. Profits remain flat. Opportunities are missed.

By focusing exclusively on you and your business, we are able to cut through the "noise" and deliver impactful results that will make a difference in your business as well as your life.


"Working with Brad helped me focus the business
proposition, something every entreprenuer needs."

Ala' Hadman
, Founder & CEO, Reality IMT

What Coaching Provides

Through the coaching process, business owners and executives gain clarity on their most pressing challenges or life-changing opportunities. We facilitate their strategic thinking in determining the best ways to achieve their goals. We help them break-down the resulting strategies into individual steps (tactics), then we help them prioritize those tactics, and finally, we encourage/ support them to take action in order to move forward towards achieving their vison of success, holding them accountable along the way.

One-on-One Coaching:

Coaching works, and can absolutely help you achieve the results you have always wanted in your business and personal life! What is Business Coaching? »

And while our coaching services cover many of the fundamental areas of business, including, but not limited to: leadership, sales, marketing, personnel, budgeting, customer service, exit/ succession planning, and more, The Mindshare Manager offers specialization in subject matter related to sales/ sales management that is often at the root cause of many of the critical issues faced by small and mid-sized businesses:

Coaching is a Long-term Relationship:

Lasting change (transformation) takes time, effort, and commitment. Many coaching relationships, in fact, last for several years; some indefinitely. One-on-One coaching is most effective when conducted on a regular, recurring basis. Accordingly, sessions are scheduled weekly, semi-monthly and monthly depending on the coaching program you select.

All programs offer the options of a powerful Behavioral Analysis Extended DISC® » and Business Effectiveness Evaluation (PBCA).

Get Started - Request a Discovery Session!

Not sure if business coaching can work for you? Experience the process yourself and encounter the value it offers by scheduling your own 1 ½ Hr. Discovery Session. There is no obligation to continue further and at the very least, you’ll end up with at least a couple of Action Steps to work on to improve your business.

All that is required is 90 min. of uninterrupted time. To request a Discovery Session, please contact us », or call Brad directly at PH: (708) 306-6629.



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